• Programming for Youth

    The SLV AHEC subscribes to a birth-to-professional pipeline model; when our youth are provided quality educational and supportive opportunities, our region can grow our own future professionals in healthcare and other fields.


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  • The AHEC Careers Exploration Program (ACEP)

    Empowering High School Students to Pursue Healthcare Careers

    At this writing, participating students will experience a Summertime day camp, and will travel to the Anschutz Medical Campus for hands-on learning opportunities. All activities are free of charge to the student and their family.

    For decades, the SLV AHEC has offered high school students a unique experience to prepare them for a career in healthcare. The AHEC Careers Exploration Program (ACEP) is a statewide initiative modeled after the SLV AHEC's own formerly-named Grow Your Own Summer Health Careers Institute and Student Health Careers Guild. This model is a locally-created, established, results-driven program that identifies, enrolls, educates, and tracks high school students in the pursuit of health careers. It has been an important part of SLV AHEC programming since 1979.


    A study of this program was completed in 2008 that surveyed 25 years of program participants. The results found that 44% of high school students who have participated in this program are today employed in a health careers occupation! Additionally, 94% of students who completed the program went on to obtain a college education.

  • For Elementary and Middle School Students

    The SLV AHEC has a long history of offering health and science related programs to elementary and middle school students.


    Offerings have included College for Kids (in partnership with Trinidad State Junior College), puppet programs, library events, and family wellness programming. We have helped convene the Upstream Community Advisory Board, which is working on programming to prevent mental, emotional, and behavioral health problems. Email us to learn about current programming.

  • Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

    With the HIPPY program, home visitors partner with parents to prepare their children for success in school, particularly those most at risk because of poverty, limited education and English proficiency. HIPPY is an evidenced-based family support model that works directly with parents in their homes to give them books, activities and skills needed for them to take responsibility for preparing their children for school. Peer parent educators deliver 30 weeks of high quality school readiness curriculum activities and books directly to parents, who then work each day with their own three, four and five year old children.


    The San Luis Valley was the site of the Colorado's first HIPPY program, and the SLV AHEC is proud to continue the tradition. The program is offered to parents in the San Luis Valley in either the English or Spanish language.


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